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Clozapine in Schizophrenia:
How Early Should It Be Used

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, Jonathan M. Meyer, MD as the Guest Speaker and Moderated by Dr Bernardo L. Conde, MD, a Philippine Neuro-Psychiatrist.

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Professor Jonathan M. Meyer, MD, gave a comprehensive discussion of the following:

  • What is an adequate antipsychotic trial, and how can one decide if the patient is indeed treatment-resistant (plasma antipsychotic levels are key especially when adverse effects aren't limiting)

  • The data supports that early clozapine use is associated with better outcomes. 

  • The limited data on clozapine use in drug-naive first-episode patients (Lieberman 2003, and the 9-year f/u paper on these patients Girgis 2011) 

  • Clozapine use in suboptimal responders who may not be treatment-resistant but still have bothersome symptoms (Schooler 2016)

  • Strategies to manage adverse effects (the primary barrier to continued treatment)

With 420 Psychiatrists as Participants and over 25 Questions during the Open Forum, we are happy to contribute in our way in providing better outcomes for patients with Schizophrenia. Thank you to Professor Jonathan M. Meyer, MD and Dr Bernardo L. Conde, MD for the informative and beneficial lecture. 

Proxymm Science, 2022

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