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Video-Based Learning with Privacy in Mind

Almost ninety per cent of users, GP Trainees, noticed an improvement in their communication skills through observation and evaluation. This is one of the promising results of a survey conducted in Leuven, Belgium, after using the video-based platform, Videolab. You can access the full article published at BMJ Journals here.

What makes Videolab an ideal tool in video training?

Privacy is paramount, and Videolab is with military-grade security. Yes - simulated patient interactions are widely practised these days. However, the experience of real-time consultations and interactions with patients is still the gold standard for enhancing the communication skills of Health Care Providers. Patients' vulnerability deserves Empathy at all times. Nothing comes close to practising it directly with actual patients and for Health Care Providers to self-evaluate and ask for feedback on their performance continuously. This practice isn't just about the pursuit of excellence but ensuring that the fragility of patients is considered.

Whether they are the Trainees who need guidance and mentorship or Consultants and Experts who would like to sharpen and share their skills and know-how, HCPs can be confident of recording their patient-consented consultations and interactions for self-assessments and structured evaluations online. The closed system of Videolab makes the interactions private and exclusive among authorized users and viewers.

How is Videolab different from other multi-media sharing platforms?

Aside from the security that it provides, the videos uploaded in Videolab have time-specific annotations, which makes it easier for the trainers and trainees to refer to the specific scenes that the comments and feedback are intended.

The structured evaluation in the platform facilitates a more organized assessment, whether it's for a routine or an official review, to determine the competence of a future Health Care Provider.

Security, fragmented feedback and structured assessment are the primary requirements for safe, thorough, scalable medical training.

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